Every beginner try their best to decrease the cost because of, at the starting many of them don’t have enough money. But it doesn’t mean they don’t want to grab the better service.

If you wanted to be a blogger and you have a small budget, there is no better choice then choosing iPage web hosting.


About iPage :

iPage was initially founded in 1998. Their main intention was a full web service provider. But in 2009 they completely re-launched them self as a professional web hosting provider. It’s currently run by Endurance International Group. they are also the owner of other well-known web hosting companies such as BlueHost and HostGator.


iPage features:

  • FREE domain name.
  • Best apps on the web.
  • FREE email address.
  • FREE website builder.
  • eCommerce website.
  • $200 worth FREE ad credits.
  • Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Unlimited domains.

How to sign up for iPage :

Step 1 :

Click on the button below to get started. It will redirect you to iPage homepage.

Get Started!

Step 2 :

Then simply click Get Started Now! It’ll take you to the domain page where you are about to get a free domain name for 1 year.

Step 3 :

Pick your domain name and check availability. If your domain is available, it will proceed you to the ‘Billing Information Page’.

Step 4 :

Enter your contact and payment information.

Step 5 :

 For how long you want to take iPage service, this is the time to choose your ‘Go Plan’.

Uncheck the options if you don’t want this stuffs. Otherwise, they’ll do nothing but increasing your bill.

[Choose long term ‘Go Plans’! They can save your more money.]

Step 6 :

Last but not least, click on ‘Check out’. You are good to go!

Login and cPanel information will be sent to the email address.


Why we are recommending iPage?

We mostly recommend iPage to them, who have a small budget with some huge plans. Not every newcomer has a lot of money to invest at their first. For them iPage is a solution. iPage is running by ‘Endurance International Group’. They are also the owner of BlueHost and HostGator. ‘Endurance International Group’ is running  iPage as the same way as BlueHost and HostGator. iPage customer service is not bad at all. They will take maximum 5 minutes to connect with you. Once they are with you, they will fix your issue instantly.


iPage has a very impressive Control Panel (cPanel). You can navigate and find everything through the backend. You can install any app with 1 click app installation progress. If you feel difficult using their cPanel, trust me, there is no other cPanel is as easy for you.

Performance and uptime

iPage is guaranteeing 99.9% up time. While testing, we were receiving godly speed because of the low ping response time which was 30ms.  And in 30 day period, their uptime was 99.8%.


Considering the features and tests, without any second thoughts, we can recommend iPage to you.  So, without any hesitation, you should also go for iPage Web Hosting.

If you have any enquary simply comment to get proper solutions.We will be glad to help.

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